Our producers

Fundo El Rodeo is located in the Ñuble region, 40 kilometers towards the mountain range of Chillán. The orchard enjoys the beauty and isolation provided by the waters of the Digullín River and the Nevados de Chillán volcano.

The property has mountain views, forests, wildlife and a diversity of native trees and plants. Clean and pure energy from the sun and volcanic soil of south-central Chile provides fertile land that, along with proper nutrient management, provides ideal farming conditions.

We are blessed with water, which is the soul of the orchard. Every effort is made to conserve and properly apply this precious resource. This allows our blueberries to grow properly and develop their full flavor potential.
We also have a complete frost control system to protect our orchard from any unforeseen weather condition.

Organic Agriculture

With organic agriculture we are looking for a holistic vision with our producers, always seeking to balance our business with the principles of health, ecology, equity and care.

Organic farming points to the future, as it is intended to produce high-quality nutritious food that contribute to people’s well-being and health.
The health of individuals and communities cannot be separated from a healthy ecosystems: healthy soils produce healthy crops that promote human health.

Therefore, our organic crops are natural:
• No genetically modified organisms
• Without pesticides
• Without artificial fertilizers
• No artificial additives.

Organic Blueberries

The consumption of organic blueberries has grown considerably over the years as there are no artificial pesticides or fertilizers to impair inherent health benefits.

This fruit of surprising color and delicious sweet taste with an acidic touch, is a product rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it has minerals, vitamin C and is low in calories.

Organic blueberries provide nutrients that strengthen the immune system and protect the health of the heart, the digestive system and delay aging. Blueberries provide a long list of benefits and properties that contribute to the good health and quality of life that people increasingly choose.

Other aspects that are being considered, is the culinary use, blueberries are usually used in pastry, both as a base ingredient or decoration, but also in juices or other preparations.


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